17. Eppingen Juniors Chess Open

As my son started playing this chess tournament last year I was used to  go through this charming retro page to look up the results on this page. It was build with Microsoft FrontPage 10 years ago. Its nice blue (#0000ff) background and a yellow (#00ffff) text were almost OK. What I could not resist was a constantly running line (remember MARQUEE tag?) …

Finally I decided to make a world a little bit better and built a new version of it with Google Material Design.

Event Website for German Chess Finals 2014


German Chess Liga (Bundesliga) is one of the Europe’s top team tournaments. This year my home club Eppingen has an honour to host the final games. The event draws attention of thousands people coming from different parts of Germany and Europe.  The Event Website offers you all important information on one page.

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